Who I Am

01. My Journey

Art and logic are intertwined; the ability to visualize a concept before it takes form is a testament to unbreakable synergy.

Before I settled into my career as a Full-Stack Engineer, my journey was anything but linear. I explored a variety of fields, from multimedia production and music to blogging and esports. I even spent some time as a real estate broker and a photographer. When I'm not working, I enjoy games of strategy like chess and Clash Royale, as well as more physical activities like basketball and football. Above all, I'm a dedicated husband and a father to three amazing kids. All these different experiences have come together to give me an interesting outlook, empowering me to connect and turn dreams into reality.

02. My Associations

In the synergy of networks and tools, abstract ideas find their voice, transforming into tangible outcomes.

03. My Services

Simplicity is not a style, it is more a philosophy about how to design something more effectively.


Identity & Control


Art & Logic


Story & Experience